• The first step:Copy link of product from taobao or 1688 and past to search and add to cart
  • Third steps:Getittome purchase and perform surface inspection
  • Fifth steps:We weight and confirm service charge, local and international freight cost then request second payments
  • seven steps:Your Package depart china by air or sea cargo/Express courier to your country
  • Second steps:Submitting order and make first payment for goods
  • Fourth steps:We wait for all your delivery and consolidate in one package
  • Sixth steps:We send by local courier express to international air or sea freight port or to International Express company
  • eight steps:Getittome Parcel deliver to your door


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Step one: Choose the product

Choose your favorite items from any China E-shopping website.


Step two: Submit order

Enter the “Shopping” page and then paste the product detailed information webpage address to generate the order manually or use the “Express” function to generate the order automatically. You need to manually fill in the detailed information of your purchasing requirements and then submit the order. You can find your selected products in the “My Shopping Cart” page.


Step three: The payment

Enter “My Shopping Cart” and select the products you want. Submit the order and make the payment for the product as well as the freight. Once received your payment china.getittome.ng will start purchasing the items for you immediately.


Step four: The purchasing procedures

china.getittome.ng  purchasing procedures are:

china.getittome.ng  service team receives the order >> buyers purchase the selected items from venders >> ship the purchased items to the

china.getittome.ng  warehouse >> buyers examine the purchased items.


Tip: china.getittome.ng   buyers purchasing process, you can inquire the purchasing status in "My parcel", when the status shows "Arrived ", you can "Submit to ship".


Step five: The payment of freight and service charges upon products arrival

Go to the "My Orders" page, and then select "Arrived" to choose and submit your desired delivery method, then fill in the correct information of your receipt, submit for final settlement and wait for receiving.


Step six: submit delivery and ready to ship

When china.getittome.ng team is handling the waybills, you can inquire the status in " My parcel ", when the status shows as "shipped". you can also make your own inquiries in " package tracking".


Step seven: receiving confirmation

As soon as receiving the package, please confirm receiving on the “My Parcel” page and comment on the purchasing service. We will award you the corresponding points to complete the purchasing service.