Incoming Cargo

In coming Package Notification

For ship for me clients sending there packages to our warehouse please note that it is compulsory you log in to you account to fill this form so as to notify our China  warehouses that you are sending a package ( note that all package must be marked with your username to avoid it being rejected , delayed in processing or getting lost

Below is how to fill the incoming package form


                             1.Log in to you account                                                                 2.Click Ship For Me


 3. Ask your supplier for China Express Tracking Number      4. Ask your supplier name of China express courier 

You can return to monitor delivery of your cargo by clicking S4M status  from here you can keep tracking your cargo

till it gets to you door step in your city

To be sure your supplier labeled your cargo correctly we advice you request them to send you picture showing your 

username and our number specified in the Ship for me labelling instruction we gave you