Purchase TaoBao.com and 1688.com individuals and small orders

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Want to buy for your family or shopping for small businesses? Try personal and small order workflow!

  • The first step:Copy link of product from taobao or 1688 and past to search and add to cart
  • Third steps:Getittome purchase and perform surface inspection
  • Fifth steps:We weight and confirm service charge, local and international freight cost then request second payments
  • seven steps:Your Package depart china by air or sea cargo/Express courier to your country
  • Second steps:Submitting order and make first payment for goods
  • Fourth steps:We wait for all your delivery and consolidate in one package
  • Sixth steps:We send by local courier express to international air or sea freight port or to International Express company
  • eight steps:Getittome Parcel deliver to your door


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