Secret of sourcing from China 1688 VS VS Aliexpress VS sourcing website

Ever wondered where or how to get the cheapest products to start a business ? Am sure your answer is as good as mine , China ! But do you know you don't have to get to china to get the cheapest price am sure you would say yes you know.So i know the next thing you are eager to voice out now is you can buy from aliexpress or alibaba and if you quite deeply informed am sure you might know Taobao or 1668.

Very well it's good to know we all agree we don't have to go to china but how then can you shop at the best price ? without the need to go to china ?

In this write up i will share with you how to start a business by with  less than the cost of flying to China as we all know the cost of traveling to china alone is a challenge for many to raise.

I am excited to show you how to source and shop china online from the cheapest wholesale site on planet earth, i know many know about taobao .. but not many know is actually the main source of all the other china store they have been using and i am about to show you the secret with an amazing solution that will forever change your life if you are really interested in mini importation to start a business

Let me start by showing you with a graph what differentiate three important china sites and with the fourth site that bring the solution. The table below will give a better understanding

The secret and deliberate confusion lies in Mandarin the Chinese language. They make and Aliexpress  in english for people outside of china to be able to buy from china and the prices is more expensive than in 1688 and the simple reason for that is to further create wealth for ordinary chinese citizen for your information 1688 is also known as the real alibaba china (

Probably you know that you can source cheap products from and You may usually place large orders from and smaller orders from Aliexpress. But you would never know that actually many of the products those sellers offer are from another Chinese wholesale site called called It’s .CN, not .COM). It’s not only a Chinese version of, but also a cheaper source for all kinds of products. Those and sellers just bought the items from and added prices on the items and sold to you. Or even, only when they have received your orders, they go to order from and later ship to you, running their business without any stock. Of course, they won’t tell you about this.

And the fact is more shocking, there are more shopping sites you are familiar with are selling items sourced from This explains why there are so many Chinese sellers in different platforms and where they source the

products from. All of these, were hidden to you as secrets and you just don’t know them. The following image shows the relationship.

Apparently, when you purchase products from and Aliexpress, the items have already been transited between many distributors or resellers, and you actually paid a lot of extra money to them to be their profit, which can be completely saved.

If you are a business man and want to cut down cost and earn more, I believe you now may want to ask yourself why not source from directly? Yes, of course you can! As long as you want to do it, you can order from directly without knowing Chinese language. All are no problem! I will introduce in following details on how you can make it.