Difficulties of Sourcing from 1688.com

Hold on. As 1688.com is designed to serve Chinese only, most suppliers can only speak Chinese, and they only accept Chinese internal payment. Of course, they mostly don’t ship to international addresses either. So, you always need to engage a purchase agent like china.getittome.ng agent to help you make the purchases and solve these gaps. Basically, the purchase agent will help you on the following:

1. Communication

2. Payment(to sellers/suppliers)

3. Collect orders

4. Inspect the items

5. Return and Change problematic items

6. Consolidating and repacking

7. Shipping to international addresses

Sounds useful? Yes, definitely! Usually agent will charge 3%-10% as commission basing on the order amount and complexity, and it’s also sounds reasonable.

OK! Once you understand it, we can now go ahead to get into details of how to purchase from 1688.com.