What is CBM Shipping?

What is CBM Shipping?

Introducing Cubic Metre (CBM) shipping.

The term Cubic Meter or CBM is commonly used in ports, warehouses, and in the sea – air – land freight.

A cubic meter, abbreviated to CBM, is a measurement of volume that is generally used for calculating storage space, storage charges, and freight charges.

This method of shipping doesn’t go by the weight of your items. It goes by the parcel size, which makes it great for shipping heavy, bulky items. I’ll explain more on CBM shipment calculation

Let’s make an example of an object that quite big and would occupy volume space

  • The CBM formula is LxWxH (in cm) / 1,000,000

  • Its dimensions are 100cm x 60cm x 80cm

  • Therefore the CBM of that dining table is 0.48CBM

CBM shipment usually charges shipping from a minimum of 0.5/1CBM. Most CBM shipments go by sea shipment due to the weight and bulkiness of the shipment.

Sea freight especially for Less-than Container Load (LCL) shipments is quoted per CBM as well as per Freight-Ton.

LCL cargo also referred to as Groupage cargo does not fill a container and hence it is usually consolidated with other similar cargo, to fill a container going to the same destination.

If the weight of the consignment exceeds 1 ton (1000 KG), then the weight is used to calculate freight charges.

For LCL cargo, the CBM rate is considered only when the weight is below this limit.